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Let the Sea Set You Free

Years ago, I was fresh out of college, living back at home, & eager to escape.
Applying for artist residencies in other countries, being declined as days passed and Summer's surfless season approached, 
working at a yoga studio for peace of mind, body, and community, but wondering what was next.
As I closed one email -a 'DECLINE' from an Australia artist residency- I opened another: Roxy's search for a surf & lifestyle ambassador.
"How does the Sea Set You Free?"
My answer to the prompt -in two self-made videos below- was years ago, 
but my reasons still hold true.
A life between the mountains and the sea, timeless.
Inspired living to the fullest.

I am the same, but now with endless travels under my belt, a business certificate 
(and a handful of other fitness and design certifications cosmically preparing me for this)
plenty of observation + journaling, a love by my side, & a fire within me
Here goes bringing something to the table that's been burning in me for a while.

P.S. If you're curious, I won;) I became Roxy's North & South America's Ambassador ( and later a Roxy Outdoor Fitness ambassador) & was catapulted into a life-changing position to inspire young girls around the world as I traveled through France, Spain, Hawaii, Mexico, El Salvador, and Australia. A happy ending, and yet just the beginning...

-Katie McLean @GypsyEye805 for @Psychedelic_Honey_