Foxy Bottoms ~ in Stargazer

Foxy Bottoms ~ in Stargazer

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Babes, bare it all! You’re booty is meant to move freely and actually looks better doing so! 
You won’t find unflattering diaper bums here. Less is more with our brazilian cut, low-rise bikini bottoms. 
Let worries drift away without restricting plastic gimmicks or elastic bands digging into your sides. 
We believe the simplicity of this style and it’s minimal cut lends to it’s ultimate comfort. While our 8 signature PH prints in 2 soft, stretchy fabrics give you the abundance of choices to be uniquely you!
Feel the warm sun & the salty air, roll in the sand and dive in the water. Life is magic, and you are a mega fox. 

Best For:
pool parties, beach walks, body surfing, bronzing, or surfing while bronzing - you multi-tasking mamacita

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