Petal Pushers ~ in Groove On

Petal Pushers ~ in Groove On

from 48.00

Sporty Soft Fabric | 82% Polyester 18% Spandex

I time-traveled to the best eras to bring back the most functional and fashionable features, all for your booty’s benefit.
Borrowing from the 1950’s the pedal-length capri, a swinging sixties low rise v-cut waistband, and that contemporary tight-ass yoga pant fit, you’ll look and feel timeless.
The 7/8 cut lengthens your legs while letting you move freely, stay cool, and keep that clean, finished look. No gathering at the ankles or tucking too-long leggings into your shoes ever again. Move those hips, baby! That low-rise 2”+ thick waistband is secretly hiding 2 elastic bands to allow for stay-put power without cutting into your sides.
From the trail to the town, you can can groove straight from the mountain top or gym track to your evening concert’s dance floor. Flow freely my flower child!

Best For:
early morning trail runs, high-vibe spin class, booty-busting gym sessions, SUPing on the lake or sea, walks with the girls
feeling cozy, unique, & empowered (like the mega babe you are!) from your workout to your daily duties

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