Laura Goe: surfer, artist, model, yoga teacher, vegan, spiritual being, movement + nature lover.
We want her rosy glow, to be her bestie, her fitness & mindfulness tips, & to know more about her! So I interviewed her to get the full Inspired Living run-down:)


What makes you come alive?
Music that makes you want to dance immediately, sunset surf sessions, jungles and being on an island where I am surrounded by life and nature. Seeing my tribe of friends & family be happy and successful in creating their dreams, seeing others feel alive makes me come alive. 

Why do you move?
Moving the body releases static energy out of the body and mind. It can clear emotional and creative blockages, brighten your day with the endorphins and dopamine released and be really fun! I move to find clarity in all aspects of my life and stay strong. 

What are your favorite ways to sweat?
Soft sand beach runs, my own version of CrossFit training using rocks on the beach, long hikes with incline, Zumba & African dance! Yoga, of course.


What brought you to yoga? 
Honestly, 6 years ago, I was in an unhealthy place of life. I wanted to be in shape and thin like most women do, and I heard yoga would do just that! Lol! So I went to my first class at corepower -which was great for the workout- but I didn’t do any of the poses properly and ended up injured. But I tried again, this time at a different studio, and slowly but surely my mind and body finally connected in a spiritual way. I still had a negative body image that motivated me to go to yoga- but this is also what led me to finally find my right path.

What encouraged you to step into teaching yoga? 
It was on my mind for awhile. Then suddenly I had more support from the people in my life, which helped me pull the trigger. And I had the funds & the time. So I signed up not knowing what I even signed up for haha! My soul just said do it so I did. 

What do you hope all students take away from your yoga class?
I hope they can come back to their true self even if it’s for a second or two  and see how wonderful their life is and how lucky they are to be alive. That they are strong, to trust themselves in every way. Trust their body is strong enough to hold them in a pose that feels challenging. I love when students feel confident after a class that challenged them regardless of how “well” they did. 

What pose or few do you would you recommend we incorporate into our lives at home? 
Pigeon and modified pigeon
Plank and forearm plank squeezing  a block between your thighs. (hold 1-3 min)
Decompression breathe is so important (via foundation training).
There’s too many! I could write a whole 2 hour class right now haha! 

What does your favorite breathing or meditation practice entail?
First, it’s important for me to create a space where I feel safe while still being vulnerable. 
Next, inhale through the nose & exhale through the mouth for 10 min to enter the practice.
Then, I love the Tibetan style breath work nadi shodhana: Breathe in through your nostrils as you raise your right hand up. Pointer finger and thumb touch, middle finger blocks your right nostril, and you breathe out the left. Continue back and forth atleast 12 rounds.
I watch my mind as if it’s a child and my spirit who is the one witnessing is a wise grandmother sweetly holding the mind and not allowing its negative or untrue thoughts to get in the way. 

What type of movement do you want to try next?!


How does surfing make you feel?
Free. Like I’m flying. I see it as a privilege that a wave has allowed you to ride with its rhythm, and when I get a really nice long ride- It’s straight bliss. A super high. It’s addictive. 

What do you appreciate about nature?
Nature is life. Really it is. It feels like I’m Coming home every time I’m surrounded by atleast one of the elements.


You’re also a nanny, artist, and very supportive model for all us local companies!
Tell us something you’ve learned about balance, staying inspired, and keeping it real.
Oh man, I’m still working on it lol! 
Take things as they come and always see the positive no matter what’s happening. 

FINANCES! They can be scary. Tell us something you’ve learned about financially taking care of your self ~ being healthy can be pricey lol!
Honestly eating right and taking care of your ONE AND ONLY body is cheaper than doctor bills and medications that never end due to poor diet, lack of exercise, negative mental and emotional state and unhealthy relationships.So that said, I make it work. It’s worth it. 
I go over my income and bills almost every week and create a game plan monthly. I set aside an amount I will not touch and keep in savings. Thrift stores are my jam and where I find most of my belongings ! Local produce and the farm cart are organic and less expensive than many other places for produce.


What practices help you personally move towards or reach your highest potential?
Always educating myself on subjects that interest me such as yoga , Ayurveda, plant medicine and over all health keeps the ball rolling which I need in order to strive to do my best. The more I continue my growth and knowledge the more comfortable I am making bigger goals.

How do you personally connect with your spiritual self?
Spending all night alone in my room pulling cards, candles are flickering, Native American flute or any Type of traditional music from various cultures is playing. Journaling everything I’ve been keeping in and allowing new life to flow within me. It’s honestly a very intense purging of all the senses and not super cute lol! Many deaths in order to reach my true spiritual self. 

What are your favorite self-care practices?
Dry brushing and Ayurvedic self oil massage! I do this every night. In the morning: oil pulling then tongue scraping and warm water to follow makes me feel so fresh and calm. 

How are you currently giving yourself the chance to grow?
Trying new things that I’ve always wanted to try or learn without fear and following through regardless of how uncomfortable it may be at first. Also being open to others opinions and dropping my ego has been huge this year and oh so painful ha! 

How do you hope to nourish the world?
I truly love guiding people into the space required for reaching your true self and finding your path towards happiness and bliss. I hope to continue my work and reach more souls along the way. As well as educate others on Ayurvedic nutrition and blend the sister sciences together in one safe space people will enjoy and grow in. 


What’s your favorite PH?!
All of dem! Seriously there’s not one piece I don’t like. 

Why do you LOVE PH? Haha
It’s made by a local female artist with the environment in mind while keeping a super cute and flattering 70’s vibe. How can you not love it !? Female empowerment. It’s what this world needs right now and PH is serving it up!


Laura teaches yoga at the Coral Casino in Montecito, the Montecito YMCA, and privates + group bookings through her website!
*All Photos by Miranda Kelton in Santa Barbara, CA |

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