For all the gypsies, surfers, 70's flower children,
& modern bohemian babes
Who crave a life that makes them come alive.

Movement gives our hearts a beat & our minds confidence
Making makes our eyes sparkle & our souls light up Dreaming allows us to thoughtfully design the life we desire
& New adventures, even small triumphs, wake us up to our highest potential.

We know we look our best with some sweat and a smile
(and that rosy glow that says we can do anything!)
We feel our best when we've taken the time to take care of ourselves
And we're best able to nourish the world around us
When we've given ourselves the chance to grow.

So we empower ourselves with self-love 
Inspire each other with health, creativity, and adventure
& Strive everyday to rise to our best selves.



With the intention to create something the original Santa Barbara Mountain Drive hippies would be proud of, 
Robert McGinnis would paint sophisticatedly sexy, 
and Verushka would demand attention wearing |
If '69's Surfer Mag + Vintage Playboy had a love child
that hipsters, hippies, and hotties could all agree is damn foxy & most importantly, Jimi Hendrix would believe is as bold as love


We've made for you, 
retro prints on comfy, transitional swimwear + activewear
to take you from the mountains to the sea to the yoga mat to the town.

Sustainably designed in Santa Barbara.
Ethically Made in CA.

Founder|Designer Katie McLean.
Artist, surfer, health nut